About Erika Hayashi:
Born in Yokohama City in Japan.
Erika go out to travel cross an Asian continent and running through the Africa continent in 2001.And, she met mbira Music in Zimbabwe. Begin to draw the picture on the way of travel.
Erika returns to Japan in 2003.
Erika@began to introduce the Mbira by performing and teaching after returning to Japan.
She went to the mbira training in Zimbabwe in 2006,2008,2009.
She learnt Mubira musice from LukenEkuwariEpashipamire, and the dance and the song from more teachers.
The picture book of the mbira is published in 2006.
CD"mondiorohand the mbira textbook are published in 2008.
Erika invites LukenEkuwariEpashipamire to Japan in 2009, and produce a Japanese tour.
The workshop and the performance of the mbira are actively done.

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Pasipamire Mbira songs
Recorded in Zimbabwe

o :@30us+@Postage

MrLuken kuwari pashipamire@plays and succeeds the tradition of the mbira by coming from londoro.
To leave the valuable performance to future generations, performance on master Luken and Hayashi Erika. Complete field recording in 2008. 13 songs. Details

QDMbira Textbook
Textbook of traditional Mbira dzavadimu
Shona people in Zimbabwe

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12 mbira songs collected to CD"MONDORO".It wants to do good quality mastering and we will recommend "MONDORO" if it is assumed the ornamental use.
Textbook on page 52 to which the kushaura, kutsinhira, lyrics, and mbira Music's outlines are written.
Parallel description of all English and Japanese.
CD2 piece of 12 kushaura ,kutsinhira, and complete performance.
DVD1 piece of lDLuken kuwari pashipamire and ceremony of Guva and how to play hosho. Detail